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Create an energy efficient home: steps to take


Our homes consume a lot of energy every day, even more than they should. From heating to appliances and lighting, an average household consumes 37 percent more energy than an average home in 1980. However, there are methods you can apply so that your home wastes as little energy as possible. Energy efficient homes are a must in the 21 century. Modern technology and innovation allow us to create homes which spend much less energy than before.

In fact, energy consumed by an average home is dropping, even though it rose in absolute terms. We can now create energy efficient heating systems and electrical devices. This saves us money and reduces carbon pollution. What can you do to make your house an energy efficient home?

post2aSmart houses

Today we can feed on information, from anywhere in the world. The whole Earth is an interconnected place, and we can have info about the heating or the lighting in our house just by looking at our smart phones. Thanks to real-time data, we can control practically all devices in our houses. Automated systems turn off the lights or heaters once we leave the house. When we feel like going home, we just send a message and the heating in the house turns on. Smart appliances communicate with each other and control all other electrical systems in the house.

Heat pumps

These systems are currently the most advanced and efficient heating systems you can install in your home. They work by moving heat from one place to another. There are a few basic types, so let’s just name a couple. Multi-function residential heat pumps, natural gas heat pumps, and air conditioners, as well as low-cost gas heat pumps.

post2bLow carbon emission dryers

You can use the same concept we talked about with heat pumps when it comes to drying your clothes. Modern, state-of-the-art dryers use the heat pump cycle to give you dry clothes every time. These devices are also very efficient and consume much less energy.

Magnetocaloric effect refrigerators

Ok, enough with the fancy words. These refrigerators keep your food cold by using magnetic effect. They can alter the magnetic field strength to lower or raise the temperature in the fridge. This new technology will probably replace the 100-year-old system of vapor compression, which proved to be harmful to nature. Also, the coolant these modern devices use is based on water, so it is environmentally friendly.

High-tech window controls

Modern glass has come a long way. For example, now you can get highly insulated windows which utilize sensors and microprocessors to control the shading process automatically. This process allows us to control the amount of available sunlight, meaning we can let more sun’s rays into our homes in the winter and less in the summer. This method saves a lot of money because we can use less fuel to heat up our houses.