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Construction Impact on the environment

With huge development and comeback in growth constructions business is making an impact on everything and significantly on the environment. Numbers say that even half of all nonrenewable resources are used in construction projects. Just taking some materials which are needed in this industry makes it already a big deal. Resources and tools used on the construction sites as well as the fuel needed for all mechanical vehicles have a significantly bad effect on living population and environment. Many materials used in construction business such as concrete, steel or aluminum have a great responsibility for large emissions of CO2.  This also contributes effect of global warming.  And every day is more evident that link between water and energy is becoming tighter. A lot of water is used for cooling generated energy; we can freely say too much water. Also, there is a huge wastewater effect from washing out concrete, the release of oils and painting. The obvious thing an even child would notice is a phenomenon of green surfaces and vegetation disappearing. Rest of vegetation that is still holding in some environments is more and more polluted with time together with water areas. All this pollution has a great effect on workers on the site, local grounds, water and air quality and surrounding neighborhood.

Protection impact

post1aAccording to dangerous levels of bad impact on the environment, the protection of it should come first at the starting point of any construction project. All workers must be informed about environment protection rules and take them very seriously in practice.

There are many codes, regulations, and agencies which take care of practical use of this measures.For example measures in pollution prevention are used to stop the harmful effect of many chemicals used in the construction process. It ensures that pollutants have limited impact on the environment and are released correctly and safely.Erosion controls also minimize the effect of releasing pollutants as well as soil stabilization.

One of the most important measures that should be taken in every possible way is “Building green” using environmentally friendly materials. Green infrastructure  plays a vital part in encouraging economic growth and nature growth at the same time. Developing wellbeing and quality of life including health should be first steps in every building project. Every construction company is responsible for finding out is their work affecting some protected area or site.

Many programs are offering all kinds of ideas, regulations, and solutions in helping of environment protection. Starting with the use of energy efficient materials, recycling, landscaping and ground planning.Basic steps like safe and correct storage of materials or managing discharge of project waste have a huge positive impact in a fight for a cleaner habitat.We are aware that every business has some impact on the environment in which it operates and can do even smallest effort to protect it’s habitat and impressively minimize that impact. We all should consider the economic and social wellbeing of present and future generations and think a little further while making all kinds of business decisions.